Ok so I’m going to jump right into it as controversial as it may be……….

 How many businesses in South Africa are staying open for business over this festive season apart from the shops/retail?

Are you prepared to shut your business down for a month without any revenue to pay the bills  and then spend January and February trying to recover from the shutdown?

I have heard this many times as a coach- we’re short of money usually in January and trying to catch up OR the company ran at a loss over December and January, there’s a surprise. Probably because there was 2 months of bills to pay and one months income! Yes and the rush up to Christmas is always lots of orders and typically a good month- but is it worth a months revenue to shut shop?

Am I the only one who doesn’t see any sense in shutting a business down if there’s not enough money to pay the bills? Or is it ok to borrow from your bond to pay the staff bonuses and the expenses as it’ll all be ok in January? Sure it is except enter the things out of your control like industry wide strikes which in one case hit in April for 2 months. So for that year those businesses only traded for 9 months- how much pressure is that putting on business owners now? Or what about the whole finance minister scenario last year which sent our country into uncertainty and turmoil at the peak periods.

I have worked in 3 different countries and my experience so far is South African businesses definitely get first prize for putting pressure on the business and the business owner to try and squeeze 2 months income out of one months trading.

Logic tells me the lucky few who have done well or work for a large corporates are getting their bonuses in December and maybe thats when they have extra money that they would like to spend this extra money with you and your business- just saying.

So my objective for doing this is to raise the awareness of the business owners that haven’t properly prepared for December business shutdown is best you start doing so and I suggest you consider hiring a coach to hold you accountable.

I’d be happy to help you- drop me a line.